We get our drums from LP Drums which are handcrafted by Jerry Floresca in Nespelem, Washington using materials from the Colville Reservation. Jerry has now made over 40,000 drums. The LP Drums have a single head and are a hoop style drum. Jerry uses a variety of hides including deer, elk and horse. The lacing pattern in the back allows a comfortable grip and is flush with the back of the drum for easy hanging of the drum on the wall. 

Each drum is personally chosen for its workmanship, the beauty of the coloration of the rawhide drum head and the sound of the drum. 

The drum is both a work of art as well as a musical instrument. Please note that the sound of the drum will vary depending on the thickness of the rawhide, the diameter of the drum and the humidity and temperature of the air. The drums are made from living things and proper care is required to prevent drying out and splitting of the hide and/or the wood frame. A care sheet will be given to you with your drum. For those in a very dry climate, I highly recommend the drum be in a humified room or you consider an instrument humidifier.       

Single head Hoop drums by LP Drums

Available in 10, 13, 15, 18, 21 and 24 diameters. 

                                All sizes are approximate.

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